The Process of Bringing or Contesting a Legal Action

Litigation is the process of bringing (suing) or contesting (defending) a legal action in court. Litigation arises when people or businesses have a dispute they are unable to resolve on their own and turn the matter over to a judge, jury or arbitrator to decide.

Involved to provide advice and guidance

Litigation is expensive and I always encourage my clients to examine their position, to be reasonable and to make a good faith effort to settle their disputes. I like to get involved in the process as early as possible, to provide advice and guidance, clarify objectives and promote economical, principled decision making. If the opposing party refuses to act rationally or there is a legitimate dispute on which reasonable minds differ, then we litigate.

Fee based upon issues and complexity

My fee depends on the type of case, the issues and the complexity. I generally charge an hourly rate for non-personal injury cases and require a retainer to cover initial costs and fees.

Specialized in a wide variety of cases

I specialize in litigation and handle a wide variety of cases. The easiest way to describe my practice is to list the areas of law I do not handle, such as criminal law, divorces, adoptions, bankruptcy (except for adversary proceedings), immigration, preparation of wills, trusts and other testamentary documents, and probate. Although I generally will not get involved in these areas, if you need help I can point you in the right direction. Check my links page for contact information of attorneys I would use if the need arose.