I represent people who suffer

I represent people who suffered severe injuries, or lost a loved one, as the result of the wrongful conduct of another person or entity. This includes injury or death caused by a car accident, a truck accident, a motorcycle accident, a dog bite, medical malpractice, or any of the countless ways one person’s carelessness, intentional conduct or criminal activity can harm another. The claim may be against the responsible party or, in the case of an accident involving an uninsured or underinsured driver, against the claimant's own auto insurance company.

Our legal system provides a means of compensation to people who are injured, or the families of those who die, as a result of another’s lack of due care. This compensation includes the cost of medical care, lost wages, property damage, pain, emotional distress, embarrassment, etc.

Good attorneys make a difference

Unfortunately, the system is not always fair because the insurance companies do not care about your injuries or losses. They only care about the bottom line and will do whatever it takes to stonewall, delay, frustrate and deny legitimate claims. Their goal is to pay as little as possible and they like nothing better than an unrepresented claimant, unless it is a claimant represented by a less-than-capable attorney. Good attorneys make a difference.

A Good Lawyer can Estimate the Award

The true value of a person’s claim is what a jury will award. No one knows for sure what that figure will be until an actual verdict is returned after trial. But, a good lawyer can estimate the range of what a typical jury would probably award. A reasonable settlement is an amount that falls within that range. If the insurance company will not settle for a reasonable amount, then the next step is to file a lawsuit and if, necessary, take the case to trial. Trial, in front of a jury of regular folks, is the great leveler - the forum in which multi-billion dollar corporations can no longer play the bully.

I place Principle before personal gain

I try cases. If my client is not getting a fair offer, I will file a lawsuit and push the case forward. I do not let my personal interests interfere with or influence a client’s decision to fight back and get what he or she is entitled to. I place principle before personal gain every time.

Fee is negotiable and depends on type of case

In personal injury and wrongful death cases, my fees are a percentage of the recovery and I advance all costs. If there is no recovery, then my client owes me nothing. My fee is negotiable and will depend upon the nature and type of the case and the injuries.